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Zhongshan Yue Yao Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., founded in July 2012, is located in the lighting capital. It is a professional lighting terminal supplier with R & D, design, production and sales.

YUE YAO Service Promises
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YUE YAO Service Promises

Zhongshan Guang Chen Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., in the past 8 years, is committed to building the famous brand of LED engineering industry, improving the visibility of enterprises and setting up the corporate image. In the spirit of "the most thoughtful service, the most reliable product quality and the customer's ease of use", we solemnly promise you:

1. LED product quality commitment:

Mitsuomi lighting commitment to the manufacturing and testing of all LED outdoor lighting lamp products provide conforms to the national quality inspection standard, products from design to production, and ultimately to the hands of customers, we have the most strict production process, exquisite technology to create the highest quality products, with the most sincere heart to please customers to visit the whole process the entire performance inspection of product production, products to be qualified after packing shipments;

Two, product price commitment:

Under the same competitive conditions, our company will provide quality products at the most favorable price without reducing the technical performance of products and changing the components of products.

Three. The promise of the product delivery date:

The production of short duration, punctual delivery, we have SAMSUNG Samsung Mounter multiple high-speed operation of the SM482 platform based on high speed mounter SM421 on special components to strengthen the corresponding ability, provide optimal solutions for the special components of complex shape, by applying electric feeder, greatly improving the actual production and mount quality; other lighting mitsuomi is also equipped with a one-stop production line, especially the organization of production, installation, and strive to meet the needs of users.

Engineering application and project of four and LED products

Application of light lighting lighting Chen has been focused on LED engineering products, senior designer and senior engineer with 10 years of experience, with the perfect lighting engineering scheme tailored for you, to ensure that the product stability in the LED project and rationality.

Five. The installation and maintenance of the project

In view of the common problems in engineering installation, our technology team will make the project installation plan ahead of schedule, install according to the plan we offer, and call our national toll free hotline 400-655-3277 if there is no installation. We will provide the most professional technical support, according to the customer needs can be sent to special technical personnel to guide the installation and daily maintenance.

Six, product warranty period and after-sales service

The "warranty period" period by the project team is responsible for customer service project tracking service, the product warranty period and other matters detailed in the purchase and sale contract, resulting in internal factors of product shelf life of the breakage of the light lighting lamp minister responsible for free repair or replacement engineering for assembling service.

Our company will continue to maintain contact with the user after the warranty expires, to keep abreast of the construction project customer service information, to take timely corrective and preventive measures, the user ease of use, damage warranty parts, the parts costs only, you only work, the rest of us resolve.

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